rising damp tide marks blown plaster
efflorescence salts
condensation black mould black spot mould

If you are faced with any of these problems at home , don't panic - get in touch. We will provide you with the correct diagnosis and advise you of the remedial works required.

The issue of damp, whether it be rising/penetrating/lateral damp or condensation is a complex issue and the remedies are very different for each. You can be assured that we are fully trained and experienced in dealing with these issues. We are here to help you.


Do you need a timber & or damp survey?

When you need a damp/timber survey there are a number of options available to you-

1. Free, or nominal charge, surveys from contracting companies who are looking to sell you their services - many of these "surveyors" are commissioned based and as such are little more than sales men.

2. Surveys and work carried out by local tradesmen who have no relevant training or insurances should their works be mis-sold or fail at a later date.

3.Pay for a survey by an independent PCA surveyor who is highly trained, fully insured and regulated and have no interest in selling treatments that are not required/desirable.

Clearly the cost of the initial survey can save you a lot of money in the long term and give you piece of mind that you are not spending money that you do not need to !

What we do.


We will carry out a non-destructive survey with the use of electronic moisture meters, hygrometers, temperature probes and salt analysis test kits.

We do not move heavy furniture, lift and refit carpets or laminate flooring etc - where this is required the client should arrange for this to be completed prior to our attendance at site.

On occasions where exploratory works are required, such has lifting floorboards, removing skirting boards and drilling holes for endoscope inspection, written permission from the property owner will be required and additional fees will apply.

The full scope of the survey will be discussed and established at the initial consultation.

Following the survey we will provide a comprehensive report in plain English that will advise you of the defects that are present within the property and the appropriate remedial works that are required.

Please note that on many occasions expensive treatment works are not required and you can rest assured we will never try to sell you something - we are not contractors looking to sell you any treatment works!

We are completely independent, fully trained and experienced in this field so you can be confident that our reports are a genuine reflection of the works that are necessary.

Where remedial works are required we will provide a full specification and can provide you with an indicative costs of the necessary works and treatments. We will even obtain an independent estimate for the works required for your own budgeting requirements.

We can also act as a Clerk of Works and oversee the works of your chosen contractor if requested - extra fees will apply.

Who do our surveys benefit?

Property owners- Timber, condensation & timber remedial surveys.

We can also provide you with a second opinion where you have been quoted for works that you do not feel you need.

Property purchasers & vendors - Pre purchase surveys.

Landlords(private & social), letting agents & tenants.  Dispute resolution - We can carry out a completely impartial damp/condensation report to help assist with any dispute that may exist between tenant and landlords. We can also act as the expert witness in housing disrepair cases relating to alleged damp.

Chartered Surveyors/Insurance Companies/Mortgage Providers/Builders/Architects/Developers - advice, reports and design issues.